LNC Treasurer Nomination 2018

My first address to a huge audience! I did not expect to receive so many nominations of support and was caught unprepared and was very nervous! I received 20% of the vote in a four way race, which was a humbling experience to be honored with so much support. 

Tim Hagen, the best Treasurer the LNC has ever had, handily defeated the field and will be keeping safe the LP books for another two years.  I was very honored when Nicholas Sarwark, the best Chair the LNC has ever had, appointed me to the LNC Convention Oversight Committee last year.  I was relieved to see Nick reelected as well. I was proud to be part of the LNC COC team that put together the pinnacle of Libertarian National Conventions, breaking nearly every record and doing so in a midterm election cycle.  We broke fundraising and lifetime membership records, and nearly broke the attendance record set with our 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention that brought Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld onto the stage: during a midterm!! There is a #GoldRush to the Libertarian Party going on. 

If you want to join us, and don't like hurting people or taking their stuff, click on the Libertarian Logo.

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