Recovery & Reclamation

The recovery starts here.  There are many issues facing us as a Union of People, some are symptomatic, one is causal.  The root cause of the issues facing the people is the corruption of the checks and balances designed to ensure our government stayed true to it’s originating design - to protect the rights and liberties of the people, and when possible expand them.  

Nowadays, citizen rights, liberties, and their consent to be governed has became a secondary, even tertiary, concern to those wielding power. Power ceded them by the very people whose righted authority they tyrannically ignore.  This has been our trajectory ever since the people, coerced of their ownership, allowed interests of their Representatives to be considered more "special" than they are.  

There is no interest more special than the people and the people should be the sole interest of their Representatives.


Sadly, infuriatingly, and in violation of the Constitution, the once sovereign and self determining will of the People has been replaced by pay-to-play politics, corporate cronyism, SuperPACs, and all manner of obstacle inserted between the people and the government administrating the country we own.

"THE COUNTRY WE OWN", say it out loud, and with conviction: because it's true. The deed-holders of our United States was clearly established in the first three words of the US Constitution. This establishes our ownership and indicates where the authority of these United States is derived.  Who owns this country? Who has the ultimate authority over our it? WE THE PEOPLE!  

Because we have a democratic-republic predicated upon Constitutional-Federalism we co-own a shared system of government that exists for us, and those to come. It does not exist for global elites, corporatist interests, lobby groups, PAC’s, or any other corruptive influence. These groups seek to pervert our federal government into a clearing-house for back-room, under the table deals, so they can game the system to privatize their profits and socialize their losses.

We cannot allow our Union’s government, originally designed to protect the rights and liberties of the people, to be turned into a mechanism of authoritarian tyranny.

If you agree, contribute and volunteer to help the campaign. We WILL recover our union from interests whom dare consider themselves more special than the people, and replace the current promise-breaking politicians who agree with them.

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